Running Magento on Mac OS X

I recently formatted my MacBook and I chose to use PHP that comes with the operating system. This version comes with a few libraries installed, then you need to make some customizations. First you must enable the PHP module in Apache, there are several tutorials talking about it on the web. A quick Google search […]

Writing an init script for a Java application

UPDATE, Oct, 1st 2014 This is an old post (from 5 years ago when I writing this update) and the solution isn’t the best. So take a look at the comments – specially that one by Tinoco. The need make us study topics we think we’ll never need. Today I had to write a simple bash program […]

Using Apache James to send e-mail from a Windows desktop

I use Windows at work and it doesn’t have sendmail program, like Linux or Mac. With Windows XP, there is the IIS built-in SMTP service. But, yet I use Apache Server and not IIS. Until recently I had a hard time testing applications that send e-mails. But then I found the Apache James project. Despite some issues […]