Laravel and NodeJS messaging using Redis Pub/Sub

I was recently working on this project that was composed of two different parts: a web application built in PHP with Laravel, and an AWS Lambda function written in NodeJS. In the past, both applications exchanged data using a common MySQL database. With time, this setup showed up very inefficient. As the number of “messages” sent and […]

Using MutationObserver API and undo.js to track DOM changes

I was recently working on this project that had a kind of drag and drop builder. Users should be able to drag items into a specific building area to assembly stuff — I’m sorry for not giving more details, by the time I’m writing this the product is not yet released. One of the features I […]

Injecting controller actions in Laravel views

Disclaimer: Depending on the kind of logic you need, it’s also possible to use View Composers to achieve a similar result. I’m using Laravel in this new project I’m working on. Some other PHP frameworks have a feature to use controllers as services. Symfony, for instance, has something like that. The project team thought Laravel, […]

Multiple Domain plugin for WordPress

For a few projects in the past, I had to find a way to make WordPress work with more than one domain. There are a couple plugins to do that, but they are outdated and/or don’t work well. So, I wrote this plugin. Check this out: Multiple Domain allows you having more than one domain in a single […]

Passing Node args to Mocha tests

This is a really quick tip. I was looking around on the internet for a way to pass Node arguments when calling Mocha binary. And I couldn’t find anything useful. Then I tried the following and it worked: $ test node –expose-gc ./node_modules/.bin/mocha […] The –expose-gc argument is just an example. You can pass any argument accepted […]

Mixing HTTP and WebSocket routes in a Koa-based application

I’ve started to use the koa-websocket package. And it took me some time to figure out how to mix HTTP and WebSocket routes in a single Koa-based application. I’m not sure if this solution is obvious, but I’m sharing it anyway. First of all, we’ll need two separate routers for regular HTTP and WebSocket routes: // Creating […]

Propel + Symfony2 : Debugando queries em comandos

Quando no ambiente de desenvolvimento, em um projeto baseado no Symfony2, usar o webprofiler na interface web (a partir da barra que fica no rodapé das páginas) é uma mão na roda em várias situações. Mas no console geralmente não temos essa facilidade tão a mão, porém não é impossível acessá-la. Especificamente para as queries […]

Testando comandos do Symfony que usam serviços da aplicação

Se você tem um comando no Symfony2 que usa serviços da aplicação, como um ORM por exemplo, e seguir o modelo que a documentação do framework fornece para escrever testes unitários, poderá ver erros com os a seguir: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Symfony\Component\Console\Application::getKernel() in […]/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Bundle/FrameworkBundle/Command/ContainerAwareCommand.php on line […] ao acessar o kernel da […]