Checking DNS records of a specific nameserver

I’m migrating a site from GoDaddy to HostGator (I personally would prefer to move over AWS but that’s the client’s choice in this specific case) and I wanted to get the IP of the new server on HostGator. I couldn’t find the IP anywhere on their control panel. Pinging the temporary URL they provide for […]

Usando os comandos do Symfony2 isolados

Um componente muito útil do Symfony2 é o Console. Ele permite a criação de comandos que podem ser executados via terminal. Isso é muito útil para processos relacionados à manutenção do sistema e àqueles que devem estar na crontab, por exemplo. Assim como os demais componentes do framework, o Console pode ser usado isolado e isso […]

Writing an init script for a Java application

UPDATE, Oct, 1st 2014 This is an old post (from 5 years ago when I writing this update) and the solution isn’t the best. So take a look at the comments – specially that one by Tinoco. The need make us study topics we think we’ll never need. Today I had to write a simple bash program […]