Implementing an SDK compatible with Laravel Container Service

When developing an SDK — and by SDK I mean an API implementation — you can leave for your users the task of integrating it with their apps. However, it’s a good idea to make it compatible with trendy frameworks out of the box. In the PHP world, Laravel is becoming a very popular choice of framework. […]

Debugging requests with cURL

For more than one time I had to debug HTTP request or response headers and other details. To do that, I use two techniques, both based on cURL library. I explain them ahead. Technique #1: From the command line This is the easiest way to debug. It doesn’t require writing any actual code. Just call curl program […]

Forms no Symfony2 : Validando apenas os campos submetidos

No último post, sobre CRUDs RESTful com Symfony2, uma das características do código de exemplo era usar o método PUT na atualização do objeto. Seguindo isso, estive fazendo algumas exeperiências com o mesmo form do Symfony na criação e atualização. No caso do update, gostaria de enviar apenas os campos a serem alterados (em um […]