Multiple Domain plugin for WordPress

For a few projects in the past, I had to find a way to make WordPress work with more than one domain. There are a couple plugins to do that, but they are outdated and/or don’t work well. So, I wrote this plugin.

Check this out:

Multiple Domain allows you having more than one domain in a single WordPress installation. This plugin doesn’t support more than one theme or advanced customizations for each domain. It’s only intended to enable constant navigation under many domains. For a more complex setup, there is WordPress Multisite (MU).

When there is more than one domain set in your host, all links and resources will point to the default domain. This is the default WordPress behavior. With Multiple Domain installed and properly configured, it’ll update all link on the fly. This way, the user navigation will be end-to-end under the same domain.

You can also set an optional base URL. If you want only a set of URL’s available under a given domain, you can use this restriction.

Photo credit: Roya Ann Miller


6 thoughts on “Multiple Domain plugin for WordPress

  1. I guess the multiple-domain.php by itself rewrites in another file some rules. Up to now I can’t find, in what exactly file, than i could delete my original wrong input.

      1. Hi Gustavo, unfortunately it’s not my problem. The error is in the data i filled. But I cannot find line/file where this data is being written. Multiple-domain.php doesn’t contain the data i filled. I try to explain with another words. After installing plugin, you able to set URL restrictions. You do it (as one of the options) in WordPress (menu->settings->common – it’s translated from German, English ames could be different). I filled this fields in WordPress. Now this fields contain error and the web doesn’t work, when plugin is being activated. I am looking where in php file were written this data with error, I filled in WordPress.

  2. Hi!I met an issue with the plugin and cannot solve it. Firstly I have to tell that I am completely beginner in the world of WordPress. By setting up the Plugin I put some URL restrictions. But the data contained fatal mistake. As a result I cannot even start wp-login. I deleted plugin and try to re-install it, but everytime I activate it, appeares the some mistake. Using URL restrictions the web call the re-directing process, which cannot be finished. Could you please share how to rollback the URL restrictions?

      1. Hi! Yes, it’s a syntax error. But as a result it calls redirecting process, which cannot be finished.

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