Mac OS X and Java 1.6, keyboard input

Few months ago, after I updated (via Apple’s software update) my Java from 1.5 to 1.6, some applications started to have a strange behavior: the input by keyboard simply didn’t work as expected. Some keys, like return and shift, does work, but all letters and numbers not.

Only in the past week I’ve discovered why. The problem wasn’t with the Java version, like I thought, but with the keyboard layout. As I’m brazilian, I’m using the US International layout by Rainer Brockerhoff. Googling about this issue, I found that some custom keyboard layout doesn’t work correctly with recent Java versions.

Now I’m using the Mac’s native layout for Brazil. The bad thing is that I have to make the accentuation using option + some key. e.g., option + e to make the acute accent (´).


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