JavaScript simple image resizer

Often one needs to resize images only using client-side programming. For cases like that, I’m using a technique with JavaScript. Depending on the original size and the desired final size, it may distort a little or lose quality. But in most cases, it’s still useful.

The image is resized proportionately and limited to the maximum size set in the variables maxHeight and maxWidth.

function resizeImage(img) {

  // Maximum dimensions.
  var maxWidth = 300;
  var maxHeight = 100;

  // The ratio between the wanted width and height.
  var ratio = img.clientWidth / img.clientHeight;

  if (maxWidth / maxHeight > ratio) {
    img.width = maxHeight * ratio;
    img.height = maxHeight;
  } else {
    img.height = maxWidth / ratio;
    img.width = maxWidth;

Using the function

With native JavaScript:

var img = document.getElementById('myimagem');

With jQuery:

$('img.resize').each(function () {

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